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Salutatory of General Manager

General Manager:Zhang Xueshan

Dear friends:

Welcome to ZhenWei Exhibition. No matter where you’re from, we could be together, and it must be fate. So I wish we could be happy to work together.

ZhenWei company gains an important power of rapid development and fresh blood because of your join. You make ZhenWei always be strong.

Admittedly, Zhenwei is too young to be standard and consummate in some points, although ZhenWei is 10- year-old. And this is the reason why ZhenWei needs your join. Let’s get the perfect goal hand in hand.
As a Chinese saying goes, ”fear of a male is to get a wrong job and fear of a female is to marry to a Mr. wrong ” , in modern society, also a female fears to get a wrong job, but joins the exhibition industry of China will never wrong!

Exhibition is Productive Forces

In the world

Nowadays, commodity economy develops and market changes rapidly .Developing market and trade by shows is a success experience of developed countries, and it has been learned by many other countries in the world. The exhibition scope and quantity reflects the economy power and science level of the organizer’s country. Some developed countries are also the top exhibition organizers , such as Germany, America, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, etc. And they consider exhibition industry as the pillar industry.

In China

Economic power of China is stronger gradually, and it’ll become a manufacturing industry center in the world. Center of economic circle around BoHai-BeiJing, TianJin, the delta area of ChangJiang River- ShangHai, the delta area of Pearl River-HongKong, GuangZhou, center of northwest China-Xi’An and center of southwest China- ChengDu, will be the district economic center and exhibition center of China.

With success of BeiJing Olympics Games bidding, success of ShangHai bidding for 2010 world expo and GuangZhou being the International fair center which is the largest in Asia as well as the second largest in the world, the golden time of China exhibition is coming.

In ZhenWei Corporation

With specialization, brandlization, internationalization, ZhenWei will build a wonderful future with all our hearts.
ZhenWei Exhibition creates a harmonious working environment for the talented people to show their ability and realize their life value. Let’s create ZhenWei’s wonderful future!

ZhenWei people

we need to be hopeful and energy, just do when you decide to. You will gain when you concentrate on your hope. Be confident and be wholehearted,you’ll own success.

If you or your friends are interested in exhibition and want to challenge yourself, you could just contact us in anytime!

ZhenWei Corporation Philosophy: exhibition is hope! Show is productive force!


XueShan Zhang

General Manager