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High-end Conferences


Zhenwei Group Conference Departmentis responsible for planning and organizing international high-end and comprehensive industry seminars, technical exchange conference, product purchase exchange conference, product and technology launch conference and industrial park investment discussion conference.

It mainly involves petroleum and petrochemical, coal, nonferrous metal, batteries, electronic chemicals, heating and other fields. The conferences, covering themes of petroleum industry, equipment manufacturing, Marine engineering, geophysical prospecting technology, unconventional oil and gas, have been held successfully in Beijing and Shanghai. These conferences were well received by participants.

The conference dep. aims to provide a platform for high-end and professional participants to help them master the industry development trend, study cutting-edge technology, discuss practical experience and expand human relations.


2015 The 7th International Petroleum Summit
2014 The 4rd China Shale Gas Summit
2014 International LNG Technology Summit
2014 The 5th China Offshore Engineering Summit
2014 The 6th International Petroleum Summit
2013 The 3rd China Shale Gas Summit
2013 The 4th China Offshore Engineering Summit
2013 The 5th International Petroleum Summit
2012 The 4th International Petroleum Summit
2012 The 3rd China Offshore Engineering Summit
2011 The 3rd International Petroleum Summit
2011 The 3rd China (Shanghai) Battery Technological Innovation Forum
2011 China Electronic Chemicals Technological development and Innovation Conference



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