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The Guangzhou International Exhibition for Apparel Fabric Accessories and Yarns 2010

2010/7/27 8:59:55    From:
Canton Fair (spring) 2010 which is considered as the barometers of exhibition and economy in China successfully concluded in May 5th.  People have got a positive presage and a good confidence in the economy trend through the Fair.  Even though Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis brought about anxiety to the market, it cannot ruin the hope and the determination that China’s textile industry fight for its survival and development.  This is a great time to make a splash in domestic market.
August 31st to September 2nd, The 10th Guangzhou International Exhibition for Apparel Fabric Accessories & Yarns (or Canton Fabric 2010) will be observed the grand opening in Pazhou Pavilion which is also the designated venue for Canton Fair.  With the charming of ten-year glories and dreams, ten-year inheritance and innovation, and ten-year tribulations and combination, Guangzhou international textile fair has interpreted brilliant brand history of textile industry, also witnessed the collision and combination of the communication between west and east, and generated numerous exhibitors’ wealth dreams.  Time slips by, the brand of textile exhibition has accumulated, subsided and been always new.  It predicted that the Canton Fabric 2010 will be one of the largest-scale, the highest-level and the most professional textile industry fair in South China or even the whole country.  Carrying with thousands of new materials, products and equipments, more than 400 exhibitors together with 20,000 professional audiences and a bunch of association visit groups at home and abroad are coming to this 22,000sqm venue.
Whoever comes to this exhibition would have opportunities to gain some goods through the one-to-one services and the good cohesiveness of production, supply and marketing.  They can not only explore the business opportunities in South China, China, South Asia and even the whole world; but also establish a platform for modeling the brand images so that the brand value can impress deeply to more people. According to the data from field survey and the return visit, 90% exhibitors expressed that they achieved the goals at the exhibition.  Furthermore, almost all the exhibitors are satisfied with the results, and they also indicated that there were good chances to take part in the next fair.  It is really a delightful scene under such an unpleasant economy environment in 2009.
China’s textile industry raced to full recovery in the first quarter of 2010.  Orders sharply increase coordinating with good prospect of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.  Except for that, export market starts to revive and the domestic market is getting smoothly.  Based on the experts’ studies, the textile industry will keep on the good momentums as the first quarter did.  The marketing and investigation needs will gain a full release; and will still enjoy double-digit growth.  Though there are certain worrying situations in aftermarket, such as the increase of raw material price, European Debt Crisis and growth of production costs.   By now, lots of corporations have signified that they are not worry about the business, but the low profit which will cause a predicament as hard working without gains.  Meanwhile, they pointed out that as long as there were profits, they would not stop the business going on, in order to make good basis for the future business.  It shows that creation and customer developments are the invariable topic for enterprises.  When comes to the exhibition, some of the corporations stated that they would not give up the promotion chances because of the increase of business.  They will participate exhibitions whenever is proper to store new strength for business development.  What’s more, some enterprises express that it’s show time in this year when they will make a splash to both the business and the promotion.  They determined they would try to take part in many exhibitions.  And Canton Fabric is chosen as the enterprises first choice.  Comparing to corporations’ positive respond, the organization commitment acts more calmly.  After all, good service and brand development which are the tasks will go on for long, whether the industry happens to good or bad situation.
By now, most of the “gold booths” have been ordered, the reservation remains on the hot flame.  The confirmed exhibitors includes: YKK, SBS, KEE, GCC, CAS, Paris zillion, Texwinca, CTM coral, Pacific Mechatronic, Tanatex Chemicals, Clariant, BASF and Hwalle dyestuff industry etc.  Moreover, industry associations are providing great supports to the fair, which will not only creation more benefits for the exhibitors, but also motivate the fair to make progresses. 
The organization committee emphasized in one routine meeting that “However hard the external conditions we may encounter, the project group should figure out the situation and do their best.”